Mad River Poker Club

“The Mad River Poker Club is overjoyed to join WPT Steps and begin hosting WPT Steps Tournaments! It feels absolutely surreal and too good to be true, but also as if we are home. A WPT legend and amazing human being – Mike Sexton was from right here in Dayton. We have a WPT Champion on the staff here at Mad River Poker Club. We remember the excitement and awesomeness in the area when he played the WPT Pittsburgh, final-tabled, and won! It was truly a special few days. We are grateful to be able to give our players the opportunity to experience that for themselves. Dayton, Ohio has an awesome Poker Community that has deep roots and is filled with some of the most kind, unique, and talented players that will shine brightly under the lights of the WPT Steps!”


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2023 Harshman Road, Dayton Ohio 45424

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