June, 2021 Austin TCH Monthly Champion PHIL MONDAY

“I am a local REALTOR here in the Austin Area. I have lived here a majority of my life, but have also lived in Phoenix, and Seattle. I am marrying my fiancé, Ashlie, on 9/5/2021 and we have one puppy, Oreo!”

Phil first started playing in high school with friends to pass time. “I had fun, but never really understood the game. When I moved to Phoenix I started playing a bit more and digging into the game on a different level and that continued in Seattle. I moved back to Texas and took a long break (1.5 years) from the game, but started playing a lot more this year”, said Phil.

Phil says his greatest poker memory is winning the Steps tournaments. “We have had some REALLY deep fields in each of the tournaments I have won and it has been a grind hand after hand. The level of competition here is amazing and me being a competitive guy I love every bit of it!”

He strives to win a Bracelet before his poker career is over!